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Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

Giving instruction

Giving instruction is an expression that is used in order that other person does what we instruct or request.

·   The example expressing of giving instructions
a.)  Open your book
b.)  Close the door, please!
c.)  Stand up, please!
d.)  Be quiet, please!
e.)  Move them chair

·   We use as commanding word in the from of infinite
Without to :  . Stand up
                     . Clean the room

·   We use be + adjective, or noun or adverb
. Be careful
. Be on time

·   We use the word do not + verb infinite without to :
. Do not move!
. Do not do it!

·   We use the word please at beginning or at the end of an instruction to make it sounds more polite, for :
Ex : . Love me, please.
       . Keep silent, please.

Note : The tense used in giving instruction is simple present.

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